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Teradata interview questions and answers - Page 1

1. What is Teradata?

Teradata is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) recommended for handling huge data warehouse environment.

The core part of Teradata is its parallel architecture which can handle multiple clients concurrently.

Teradata provides many utilities like MLOAD, FAST LOAD, FAST EXPORT which makes it a versatile platform in Datawarehouse technology. Teradata supports ANSI standards as well as its own standards and utilities.

2. SET table in Teradata

Teradata automatically applies uniqueness for the records in a SET table.
Thus, Duplicate records are not permitted in a SET table.

CREATE SET TABLE table_name (...);

When the "SET" keyword is not specified while creating, Teradata will still confirm the table as a SET table. So, below syntax will also create a SET table.

3. MULTISET table in Teradata

In some cases, it may be neccessary to insert the duplicate records in a table.
In order to insert duplicate records, "MULTISET" keyword must be explicitly given while creating the table.

CREATE MULTISET TABLE table_name (..);