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MicroStrategy interview questions and answers - Page 1

1. What is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence (BI), enterprise reporting, and OLAP (on-line analytical processing) software vendor. MicroStrategy software allows reporting and analysis of data stored in a relational database, multidimensional database, or flat data file. MicroStrategy describes its core reporting software as having a "ROLAP" or "Relational OLAP" architecture, meaning that a complex relational database can be expressed using a virtual multidimensional cube structure that can be more easily understood by business users who wish to navigate through the data.

2. What is metadata in Microstrategy?

It is the database repository where definitions of all MicroStrategy objects are stored. Metadata could be hosted on most databases.

In simple words, Metadata could be considered as the heart of MicroStrategy environment.

3. What is an object prompt in MicroStrategy?

Object prompts provide users the ability to add additional objects to a report. You can let users select from almost any object(attributes, metrics, custom groups) available in MicroStrategy.
Object prompts can either determine the definition of the report template or the report filter.

4. What does MicroStrategy Intelligence Server allow users to do?

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides reporting and OLAP analysis for the whole enterprise. All business users can obtain scorecards and dashboards, operational reports, queries and OLAP and predictive analyses without learning any programming or database syntax.

5. What are the different types of metrics available in Microstrategy??

Level Metric, Transformation Metric, Pass through Metric, Adaptive Metric, Non-aggregate Metric, Smart Metric, Derived Metric, Embedded Metric.