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Informatica interview questions and answers - Page 1

1. What is ETL ?

ETL stands for Extract, transform, and load.
Step 1: Extracting data from various outside sources
Step 2: Transforming it to adhere with the business rules and quality regulations
Step 3: Loading it into datawarehouse/database.

2. What is Session partitioning in Informatica ?

A partition is a pipeline stage where a dedicated thread is allocated to it.
By default integration services opens up one thread for read / write and transformation. If you use session partition, you can specify number of threads. Integration services opens up that many threads you defined in the session.
The number of partitions in any pipeline stage equals the number of Threads in the stage.

3. Explain Round Robin Partition Type in Informatica ?

In round-robin partitioning, the Integration Service distributes rows of data evenly to all partitions.
Round-robin partitioning will be used when we need to distribute rows evenly and do not need to group data among partitions. So, Ultimately each partition almost has same number of rows

4. What are different types of Partitions in Informatica ?

1. Database partitioning
2. Hash auto-keys partitioning
3. Hash user keys partitioning
4. Key range partitioning
5. Pass-through partitioning
6. Round-robin partitioning

5. How will you eliminate duplicate rows in Informatica ?

If our source system is a Relational Database, we can check the Distinct option of the Source Qualifier of the source table and load the target accordingly.