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Datastage interview questions and answers - Page 1

1. What is DataStage?

Informix DataStage provides a means of quickly creating usable data warehouses or data marts. It is an integrated set of tools for designing, developing, compiling, running, and administering applications that extract data from one or more data sources, perform complex transformations of the data, and load one or more target files or databases with the resulting data

2. What are jobs in DataStage?

A DataStage job consists of a series of individual stages, linked together to describe the flow of data from a data source to a final data warehouse or data mart. Each stage describes a particular database or process. For example, one stage may extract data from a data source, while another transforms it. Stages are added to a job and linked together using the DataStage Designer.

3. How do table definitions help in DataStage?

Table definitions specify the data you want. Each table definition contains:

– Information about the table or file that holds the data records.
– A description of the individual columns.

4. What is the purpose of data elements in DataStage?

Each data element describes one type of data that can be stored in a column. The data element associated with a column defines the operations that can be carried out on that column.

DataStage has numerous predefined data elements representing commonly required data types (such as date, time, number, and string). You can also define your own special data elements.

5. What is a transform in DataStage?

Transforms convert and cleanse your data by transforming it into a format you want to save and use in your final warehouse.