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Datameer interview questions and answers - Page 1

1. What is Datameer ?

Datameer is an end-user focused analytics application that leverages the power of Hadoop to enable users to integrate, analyze, and visualize all of their data, regardless of type (structured or unstructured), size (unlimited), or source (any data source).

Datameer is built natively on Hadoop and leverages inexpensive hardware so that users can integrate and analyze all of their data in its raw form without the need for IT to perform ETL and pre-model the data.

2. How Datameer overcomes ETL ?

Datameer ignores the limitations of ETL by the following ways:

Static schema concept in ETL was totally ignored in Datameer.
Unstructured data can also be analysed in datameer where it is not possible in ETL.
Big data analysis is a great outcome of Datameer.

3. What is a special feature of Datameer ?

Datameer can handle both Structured and unstructured data.

Structured data Examples: Oracle, Teradata, greenplum etc.
Unstructured data Examples: Twitter, facebook, log files etc.

4. Data correlation in Datameer - Explain ?

Data correlation is greatly achieved in Datameer.

Analyzing constantly changing user data, lend themselves to streaming the data into Hadoop as analytics are run. This ensures that user data is always up to date. Datameer provides data links to any data source for just that purpose.

5. What are all the advantages of Datameer ?

1. Analysis on Structured and unstructured data.
2. Processing OLTP as well as OLAP.
3. Usage of dynamic schema by user defined functions rather than static one.
4. Pre-built data connector wizards for all kind of data types.
5. Datameer can import raw data into Hadoop.
6. Robust sampling, parsing and scheduling.
7. Output of datameer can be converted to databases or datamarts.
8. Command line tool interface is available in Datameer for remote applications using REST-API.
9. Most complex nested joins can be implemented across multiple datasets/data.